Other Reasons Poster!

Make a statement about your companies commitment to safety with this beautiful satin finish poster.

This poster will re-enforce the commitment your company has to the basic principle that each of their employees have the duty and the responsibility to work safely for the people at home that are waiting for them to come home. Poster also has the top “OTHER REASONS” employees choose to commit an “UNSAFE ACT” Displaying this poster is an excellent way to let your employees know that you are committed to their safety.

Great for display in break rooms, lobbies, training rooms, or at the main doors to your facility.

  • Fits perfectly in a standard poster frame from Walmart.
  • Discounts available for quantity orders.
  • Poster is 24″ X 36″ on high quality poster paper.
  • Priced at $28.00 each which includes shipping up to orders of 5 or less.

Contact Dan Holmberg at [email protected] for orders and shipping information or with any questions related to the poster or the “Other Reasons” training video. Please include the word “Poster” or ” Video” in subject line on e-mail.

Other Reasons Arc-Flash Training Video

Dan Holmberg and Mark Standifer use their arc-flash video, Other Reasons, as part of their NFPA 70E Plus! training. You can use it, too! Other Reasons is designed to supplement any electrical safety training course. Download your video TODAY!

Here is A Preview

**Copyright laws prohibit duplication or unauthorized distribution of video without written consent from Integrity Learning Solutions.

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