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Frequently Asked Questions About NFPA 70E!

What makes NFPA 70E! different from other electrical safety courses?

We’re glad you asked!

  • Our course covers not only NFPA 70E standards, but also NFPA 70B AND the physical and psychological effects of an arc flash. Three topics in one course!
  • It is team taught by Dan Holmberg and Mark Standifer—both highly experienced trainers and electricians.
  • Our course inspires attendees to change their unsafe work habits—behavioral change by choice … not force.
Are attendees required to purchase any books or training materials for the course?

No. The course is all-inclusive. Integrity Learning Solutions provides guides that are used to teach the course. (Considering the current cost of NFPA 70E books, our guides save your company lots of money.)

Do attendees receive continuing education credits for NFPA 70E!?

Yes, however, the number of credits varies by state. Integrity Learning Solutions is in the process of obtaining accreditation in all 50 states. Call 720-215-1022 to see if the course has been accredited in your state. If not, we’ll expedite the paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions About Other Reasons

What is the difference between Other Reasons and The Mark Standifer Story?

Other Reasons goes beyond Standifer’s original video. It’s a frank and honest look at Standifer’s own contribution to the arc-flash incident. It’s true that Other Reasons uses various clips from The Mark Standifer Story, however, those clips are only a small portion of the new video. Other Reasons drives home the importance of “being present” when working with electricity.

How long is the video?

When played straight through, the video is approximately 25 minutes long.

Do you offer a discount for multiple downloads?

Yes, we do!

Quantities of 11 to 25 receive a 5% discount.

Quantities of 26 to 50 receive a 10% discount.

Quantities of 51 to 100 receive a 20% discount.

For bulk purchases, please give us a call at 720-215-1022.


Is the video available on DVD?

If you need or prefer a DVD, give us a call at 720-215-1022. We’ll work to accommodate you.

Is the video available in languages other than English?

Integrity Learning Solutions is currently looking into the demand for foreign-language versions of the video. If you would like to use the video to train non-English-speaking workers, please let us know at 720-215-1022.

Can I see the full length video before buying?

Yes, you can see the full length watermarked video HERE.

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