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The NEW NFPA 70E! – Two Courses in One

NFPA 70E! is a new 3-day training course that covers both NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and NFPA 70B: Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. These two standards work hand in hand to protect your workers, your facilities, and your business.

The course is team taught by Dan Holmberg – an experienced trainer who has logged more than four million man-hours of teaching and are leading the nation in areas such as OSHA, NFPA 70E, personal protective equipment (PPE), and electrical (high, medium, and low voltage) safety training.

NFPA 70E! is taught on-site—your site—and brings your workers up to speed regarding the latest changes to the standards:

  • NFPA 70E, 2015 edition – Increased emphasis on hazard awareness and risk assessment.
  • NFPA 70B, 2016 edition – New torque requirements to prevent loose connections as well as more detail about battery testing and safety.

AS A BONUS, NFPA 70E! takes an in-depth look at the medical aspects of electric shock and arc flashes:

  • How these hazards can affect your body.
  • What fibrillation is and why it’s so dangerous.
  • How electric shock can cause heart attacks and strokes years later.


2024 version of NFPA 70E

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Other Reasons Arc-Flash Training Video

Dan Holmberg and Mark Standifer use their arc-flash video, Other Reasons, as part of their NFPA 70E Plus! training. You can use it, too! Other Reasons is designed to supplement any electrical safety training course. Download your video TODAY!

Here is A Preview

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