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Electrical Safety … Live to See Another Day


Integrity Learning Solutions provides safety training to licensed electricians and other workers in the electrical field.

Workplace electrical safety cannot be forced by rules and ultimatums … it is a CHOICE! Get your workers to choose safety first. Our training course and brand new video about the dangers of arc flashes can help your personnel make smart choices.

Using real-life examples of arc flash disasters, Integrity Learning Solutions drives home the ultimate reasons for safety in an electrical environment—emotional well-being, financial security, health, friends, family, and life itself.

Choose safety. Choose Integrity Learning Solutions.

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Coming in fall of 2020… 2021 version of NFPA 70E


As the owner, CEO and Senior training consultant, Dan Holmberg has found out that behaviors can only be changed by students wanting to change them, not because the company is forcing them to. Integrity learning solutions specializes in behavioral based training.

The Video

A BRAND NEW Arc Flash Training Video called “OTHER REASONS

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Enhance your electrical safety training with a professional video about the dangers of arc flashes and the importance of electrical safety. Video features arc-flash survivors Mark Standifer and Donnie Johnson as well as electrical safety experts Bob LeRoy and Dan Holmberg. (Read more about Other Reasons.) See what our customers are saying HERE.





Just Released…..

A Beautiful Poster That Drives Home The Message
To “Work Safe, Do It For Them


other reasons poster

Difference Between Other Reasons and Other Arc Flash Videos

Difference 1

Other Reasons delves into the meaning of those very words: “other reasons.” This video explores the conditions that can make it unsafe to work with electricity.

Difference 2

Mark Standifer talks about his arc-flash incident and the consequences that continue to plague him today.

Difference 3

Electrical accidents don’t affect just the victim; they also affect the lives of all the victim’s loved ones. Other Reasons shows how safe work practices can protect the families as well.

Difference 4

Instructors Guide included with this video which includes ways to facilitate discussions and have “pause points” within the guide. Also included is a certificate that commits students to work safe for their loved ones.

Degrees Fahrenheit temperature of an arc flash; approximately 4 times the temperature of the sun’s surface!


One out of every 20 workplace fatalities is an electrical fatality.

Rank of electrocution in "causes of death in industrial setting."

Percentage of people who can be electrocuted without ever touching a wire.

arc flash class

Electrical current passing through the air is called an electrical arc. Sudden, uncontrolled electrical arcs can cause explosions. The intense light and heat discharged from an explosion is an arc flash. The high-pressure sound wave caused by the explosion is an arc blast.

e-Hazzard Loves Other Reasons!

This is an honest look at two arc flash accidents that happened years ago. Both men involved in those accidents survived and have lived drastically changed lives since then. They have told their stories before, but this video includes a “look at the future” – a view of how one of these men is still living with the consequences of his severe accident today, thirty-four years later.

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Who is involved?

Meet the experts featured in the new arc flash training video.


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